The birth of Instagram opened up a new world for photography enthusiasts. It made taking photos and sharing them online so quick and easy. As of June this year, there are 500 million people using the photo-sharing app.

You must be a user yourself – you take pride in taking photos and sharing them with your followers. At the same time, you love browsing other people’s profiles because they are just full of ideas (or simply because you’re a fan). However, not all of these profiles allow you to view their photos. In short, they are kept private. Sucks, right?

Whereas there’s a limited number of apps that will allow you to barge into that private wall, here’s a website that will allow you to view private photos on Instagram. No need to be a pro in hacking or using some developer’s code.

Privateinstaview is a website which allows you to view private photos on Instagram anonymously. It’s a freeware that allows you to view any media on any profile on IG.




Using our website is easy. You simply need to follow these steps:


  1. Go to


  1. Go to Instagram and search for the private profile’s name.


  1. Enter the profile name into the Privateinstaview and click View profile.


  1. Wait for Privateinstaview to load the profile and validate it.


  1. Click ‘View Private Pictures’ if it is the right account.


  1. Wait for Privateinstaview to load and prepare the media on the selected account.


  1. In just a few minutes, your images and videos will show up.


What’s good about Privateinstaview is that you can download the photos individually or in bulk and save it as a .zip file.


Privateinstaview’s Purpose


Privateinstaview was made out of the sheer curiosity and to solve the problem on how we can view other people’s photos when they set their profile in private.


This online service can be used for marketing purposes. By looking into private profiles and see how they make use of the app, companies can build a marketing strategy that could target their specific market.


Another great use of Privateinstaview is for educational purposes. There might be profiles that people can look into to study social media users, behaviors, and the likes.


Although the site seems like you are ‘barging into privacy’, but the makers of Privateinstaview still reminds you to not use the app for illegal purposes. More so, that’s why it will ask you to verify the account when you enter the URL so that you can double check if it is really the account you want to open.


Why Privacy is Important


Privacy is still important… even with Privateinstaview.


Before you really barge into that account, consider these thoughts:


  1. People keep their Instagram accounts in private because they just want to. Some people would question this because knowing that the app is used to ‘share photos and stories’, it should be public. However, there are people, especially those who just want to share photos with a close group of family and friends, who would choose to keep their profile private. Before using Privateinstaview, take the time to consider if it’s really important for you to gather someone’s private photos.


  1. Other would think that people might use their Instagram accounts (and whatever is posted in it) against them. Some people fear that their social media accounts might be used to bully them or worse, can be used in a court case against them. If none of this is your purpose, then go ahead and use Privateinstaview.


Remember, it’s not because an online service, such as Privateinstaview, is made available for you doesn’t mean that you can use it carelessly. Always rethink of your move and how it will affect that certain user before finally using the website.


Instagram Privacy Tips


Facebook’s partnership with Instagram in 2012 made them change the Privacy Policy of the photo-sharing app in 2013. This, however, raised a lot of concerns from people.


Instagram’s Privacy Policy stated that the user’s photos can be accessed by third-party applications and advertisers. A user must agree to these terms and conditions upon creating an account. Furthermore, it stated that all photos will be made available to everyone royalty-free. After the changes made in the policy, Instagram suffered a 25% decline of their users. This has proven that Instagram users obviously disagree with the policy.


But if you really want to use Instagram, maybe you might consider tinkering with the Privacy settings to keep your account as private as possible.


Here are some quick privacy tips that you might need in setting up your private account:


  1. You can change the privacy settings of your feed by going to your settings and turning on ‘Private Account’.


  1. If you’re sharing your photos on Facebook, check the apps privacy settings in your Facebook Account and change it accordingly.


  1. Check your photo map in Instagram and make sure to remove photos or information that would lead to private locations such as your home. This can prevent from people tracking you down and do harm to you.


  1. Never think twice about blocking people. If you think that a user or unknown follower might cause you harm, by all means, do block them.


  1. You think that a photo shouldn’t be posted? Delete it as soon as possible.


  1. Send more private photos directly to specific users. Instagram allows you to do that so make sure to use it to your advantage.


Now that you’re cautious and aware of Instagram and the importance of privacy, you can now head to and enjoy the website’s service to your heart’s content guilt-free.


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