How can I view an account on Instagram if it’s private?

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To view a private account on Instagram, you can simply use However, if you’re not comfortable using another website to unlock the desired Instagram profile, we got you covered.

How to make your Instagram account private.

How can I see private instagram for free?

Use or try the method below:

If a person doesn’t accept you on Instagram, try to make another account and request them from that account. To improve your chances to be accepted, use a good quality picture of an attractive person. Write a interesting, detailed bio on your new account, add some posts to your profile and follow some people. Now, the twist is to make your profile private and request the person you want to follow. There is a much bigger chance to be accepted if you apply these tips because of the following reasons. If you have an attractive profile picture, you automatically raise interest from the person, physically-wise. Now, the bio and the privacy on your account works for the psychological part. The interesting bio will make your account look like someone who can carry a conversation and has various interests. This is an important part because you have to make a realistic bio. Now, for the most important step, you must set your Instagram profile to private because it appeals to the vast curiosity of the human kind, especially on social media. If something is blocked from you, forbidden, you want to know what that thing (or profile) is hiding, especially if you have many followers(use to generate followers and likes. That being said, if none of this works, why bother afterall? Try and make your own profile appealing and work on yourself. If it’s a person’s profile you’re trying to view and they care enough about their privacy to keep it hidden no matter what, let it be. There are many people in the world with (most likely) better content. If there’s a page you’re trying to view, there’s a big enough chance you’ll find similar pages on this vast social media flooded with memes and different kind of pages.

Can you view an instagram story anonymously?

Same thing applies here, you either use a private instagram profile viewer( to view the entirely profile, including the Instagram stories anonymously, or you either use the backup account with the feature we’ve discussed before. There’s really no other way to view the stories anonymously, Instagram does not allow the stories to be seen incognito, without an account.

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