How can I grow on Instagram? My instagram strategy if I had 0 followers.

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How can you actually grow on Instagram these days through the oversaturation and ever evolving algorithm post consistently engage with your followers to find your niche slash niche. Like, okay. Yeah, we know that, but like how this is everything that I would do today. If I had to grow my Instagram, starting from zero what’s up everyone it’s modern milli welcome or welcome back to my channel, where I post videos every Wednesday, teaching you the latest strategies and trends on social media to help bloggers, influencers and content creators grow their brands. So give a little love tab on that subscribe button. If you’re ready to stay up to date on all the latest tips and tricks that I have for you.

Now, while I will share with you guys, how you can actually grow on Instagram this year. I to preface this by saying, Instagram should not be your end goal. Please have something else that you own. And you can direct people to if Instagram, glitched or broke down and you lost all of your followers, would you still be able to run the same business without them? Instagram is not your business, but it is if used properly a one, a full tool that you can use to help grow your business.

I’m gonna start with the harsh and honest truth, because someone’s gotta tell you if you want to grow an Instagram or on the Instagram platform, you have to be committed now more than ever before Instagram AM’s latest update made one thing very clear, and that is that they are here to stay and they want their platform to truly be the one stop shop for creators. So what does this mean for you? It means you either become an Instagram ride or die, or you may find yourself stuck in a rut trying to grow my first tip for you. And what I would do today, if I had to grow from zero is defining my niche and yes. Okay. Before you click away, we’ve all heard it in every video, define your niche, define your niche, niche, niche. I’m gonna be alternating saying it both ways because I get haters.

So we’re just gonna keep flip flopping until you guys get annoyed that I’m saying it two ways and you just make me decide. So we’ve hearing in every video. What if we took it a step further, hear me out. It’s more than just having a niche. It’s more than just defining your niche. It is knowing the value that you provide every single time you post. Did you catch that? It’s more than just defining your niche. It’s knowing what value you are providing every time you post. Not just like once in a while, but every post providing some value, the game plan has shifted people. It is great that, you know, if you’re in the travel niche, it’s great to know if your lifestyle niche, but you need to know how to use that knowledge to grow and create shareworthy every single time you really need to know your industry.

Study it, figure out what people are looking for. What are people reposting to their stories and use that as inspiration to create your content quality over quantity. Let’s talk about that for a second. Quality. I think the simplest way to make your content appear high quality upfront is having a cohesive. And I know that there’s debate out there whether or not that’s important now, but I know for me, I am always inclined to follow somebody a little bit more when their feed looks overall cohesive, as opposed to somebody who doesn’t have a cohesive feed. If you wanna learn how to have a overall consistent Instagram aesthetic…

So I’m just gonna skip to the good stuff around it. The secret to having the cohesive feed is having brand colors and sticking to your brand colors. If you don’t have brand colors, literally a simple Pinterest search brand colors or color psychology will help you get the next steps. So after you do your little Pinterest search, pick some colors, don’t let this part stall you. Don’t let this part stop. You literally just pick three to five colors that you feel, look great together and use them. Your colors will evolve over time. You get that your colors, they will evolve over time. They will probably change. So you don’t have to worry about picking the perfect colors because they will not be perfect. The first time around, just pick three to five brand colors that you feel you can use consistently in your feed. Remember, progress is better than perfection talked about quality quantity.

How often should you post on Instagram? I wanna tell you guys a little general rule of thumb that I heard from an Instagram masterclass. So if you don’t have a pen or paper, get one, pause this video, write it and, and write this down. Okay. So this is like the magical formula you should be posting on your Instagram stories daily. You should host in feed posts three to five times a week, Instagram reels, four to seven times a week. I G T V live and guides all once a week. Play that back, whatever you gotta do. Write it down. If you don’t know what Instagram reels or guides are. I do have tutorials on both of those things. I’ll put them in the link and the description.

So the question is for this arthicle what would I do starting at zero before I tell you what I would do, comment below what you would do. What is your posting schedule look like after hearing that advice? What is some changes that you want to start incorporating to your Instagram posting schedule? Let me know in the comments below. Okay. Now for me, when I look at this posting schedule, there are two obvious observations that I make. The first observation that I have is that there seems to be a higher demand on stories and reels, maybe in feed post. The second observation that I have is that Instagram wants you to use everything. They have every feature available. They want you to use. I would alternate posting between valuable graphics, content and infe reels. I’ll show up every day on my stories. And then I would schedule a time to incorporate those other elements.

At least once a month, I would, wouldn’t get caught up in the whole, well, should I post every day? Should I post every other day? I wouldn’t get caught up so much in those sorts of questions. I would just create a realistic posting schedule that you can keep up with long term, be kind to yourself in the beginning, or you’re going to get burnt out and resent Instagram. So be kind to yourself and know what’s realistic for you. Now, when I say graphic content, I mean those fun, like shareworthy graphics that people share on their stories. These can be made on CAMBA. So I’ll link Canva down below. If you guys don’t know what cam is on Canva, you can easily create like those tweet graphics or reminder graphics, or even like quotes and bullet points. It’s literally graphic design for dumies, which I absolutely love.

Now, when you are creating those graphics on Canva, remember to stick to your three to five brand colors to create that overall consistency. Another thing that I would do if I had to start from scratch is I would start educating myself right now on SEO and keyword research. There are rumors that Instagram wants to make their search engine or their search bar a little bit more SEO friendly. So instead of using the search bar to find users and hashtag specifically, you would now be able to look up how to grow on Instagram, and they would suggest a bunch of posts, reels, users, guides, the are all related to how to grow on Instagram. I would just be aware and be a little bit more intentional with the words that I put in my bio captions guides reels. And just in my words in general, now, again, don’t get cut up in this part.

Don’t let this stop. You just be aware of what you are writing. Instead of writing a caption saying, I went to a big bear this weekend, oh my gosh. Had so much fun with the girls. We like provide value within that content and say maybe three musty places in big bear. Now, another thing to point out here is that there’s been an obvious push for video content this last year. So the sooner you hop on that trend, the better it’s going to be for you in 2021. And I feel like aspect is what’s going to make or break a lot of influencers. My prediction is that a lot of Instagram influencers who maybe they’ve been on Instagram for a few years or people who have been trying to become influencers as Instagram starts to continue to update their app and create all these new functionalities.

It’s either going to for frustrate people or overwhelm certain people and push them away from using their app. Especially this next year. I feel like a lot of influencers might turn away from Instagram and focus more on YouTube, just a prediction. Of course we have the basics of like narrow out on a niche slash niche, being consistent, showing up, providing value, consistency with colors, engaging like you, you have all of those basics.

And I really would focus on video content, but I, because I feel like that’s what Instagram is going to be pushing and will continue to push through 2021. And I know that I breezed right for, through all of these. And that’s because I didn’t wanna spend too much time trying to overcomplicate all of the steps because they shouldn’t be complicated. Like don’t overthink them, create a schedule, pump some videos out, stick to it, show up, provide value. It’s really as simple as that, if you overthink it, you’re going to freeze up and remember progress is better than section. So at the end of the day, Instagram, once you do use their app, so just use it.

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