5 Instagram Growth Strategies in 2022

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Hey guys, we are talking about five new ways for you to grow on Instagram this week. Now this is a really good series. Like I like this series and you all seem to enjoy them as well. So we’re going to pick it up and start doing them more. But basically what it is is when we identify five ways that are working for us or that we see out in the wild that are helping people grow, we basically share them with you so you can quickly implement them as well. So these are more fast tactics. You could say tactics that you can start this week. And of course, what we always love is for you to tell us what you tested out and what works for you in the comments section below

The way I lost video, you guys showed a lot of love to that. Thank you. So that was killing it. Pop that up here. That one is about Instagram’s new changes to hashtags. So I just wanted to very briefly bring up a lot of people were asking us what our thoughts were. We said in the video, we were going to test it out. The new three to five hashtags in the caption instead of 30 in the comments. Now we’re still testing this in about three weeks. A lot of you were saying that it hasn’t been working well for you and your reach is totally dropped. You’ve heard people say the opposite,

Say that things are going really well for them, which means they might just be narrowing down to the exact hashtags that they should be using. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then you definitely need to go check out that video there. It was really, really, yeah, it was our first reactions to everything. And we’re just in testing right now, but it’s cool to see everyone’s thoughts on it. Yeah.

And we will get back to you once we test that we wanted to actually run the case,

Study like a little case.

And like, we’re going to check the numbers. I don’t want to do arbitrarily and tell you guys what we think, you know, a little too early. So yeah, it’s coming. Keep commenting. We’ll keep responding. We want to hear it. Yeah. Now with that.

All right, well, without further ado, let’s jump right into five new ways you can grow on Instagram this,

Okay. So the first new way to grow an Instagram this week is to identify 10 theme accounts, tag them in your photos and ask them to reproach your content. For those who don’t know what a theme and county is, they’re those accounts where essentially someone is running them and they’re reposting other content and they’re very niche down. So there seems to be theme accounts of basically everything you name it. There’s a theme account. They’ve got them a lot for photography, which is probably one of the most common ones. And then that’s old drilled down wedding travel city province, state country.

Yeah. Tourism accounts are huge for that. So if you’re a photographer tagging those tourism accounts, like if you’re a photographer in Vermont, making sure to tag, add Vermont tourism and things like that would be a really smart way to approach things just, and the whole point is that when you are appearing on these larger accounts, you are going to get the traction and notice where it cause you should be tagged, correct in those, in those photos.

Exactly. And a lot of them use repost apps that automatically include your caption. So you’re typically tagged and they’re quite respectful because these people actually monetize those accounts. They get pretty big, so they make money off it. They can’t have all the creatives mad at them. So yeah, that is super key. And when the sharing your content, it would be optimal if they prioritize your reels, obviously because the reach and the engagement is a lot higher. Now, a lot of times, I’m not sure if the apps actually can do reels yet. So if they rip your reel and then upload it themselves, you want to make sure that your handle was in that very first line. Because if you’re on that real tab on Instagram, you only see the first line before there’s the ellipses and this all truncated. So you want to make sure that you ask them to tag you off the rip straight away and make sure that you are actually getting that reach and the value from doing all of this.

And yes, double-down on the reels. That should be your priority. You can email it to them if you really want to create that relationship. And that’s something that we’ve always talked about, relationships are key. So it’s like you’re tagging them, but also like speak to the people behind the account. Cause that’s going to make them more inclined to repost and show your content some love. And that’s what they want. The whole point of their account existing is to share other people’s content. They’re not making their own, so they need you. So you can create that relationship. The second way that you can grow on Instagram this week is to leverage trending audio. So when we’re talking about trending audio, we mean specifically in reels. So reels is going to be the one that’s kind of weaving through here. Um, because it’s the content that’s getting pushed the most.

But if you’re wondering what trending audio is, that’s the music that is being more widely distributed across the platforms. So you’ll be able to notice when audio is trending, cause it’ll have a little arrow arrow that you’ll notice ahead of the song title that lets you know, that that music is being served more widely, which means you have the opportunity to jump onto that trend so that your content can be served and increase your reach of being served. What’s something that you should always think about is again, it’s Instagram giving you the signal that they want you to Instagram is really great at giving signals lately. So this trending thing, for example, is another signal from Instagram and be like, oh, this is, this is doing well, jump on this. And then you get the opportunity to get served to a wider audience. Um, another really great way to find out if songs are trending is by either going to the explore page and looking for that little trending icon or a pro tip is to actually follow the Instagram creators account.

So that’s at creators. They do a weekly Roundup. I believe it’s every Friday, it’s either Thursday or Friday. Um, so be sure to follow them and they actually do a wrap-up of everything that’s trending from not only music, but two types of like styles and formats. So that gives you like the one-up of like, okay, good. I should save this. So when you’re looking at a trending song, you just hit save audio. So that way it saves to your library, but you’re like one, I should save this. And two, I need to think of some content to create around this. So definitely definitely leveraged trending audio. I’m sure if you’re consuming reels, you notice that a certain songs just always get served. So it’s like attach yourself to that.

Yeah. And that was a fantastic segue to the next way that you can grow on Instagram this week is to use the trendy styles and formats. So I, as you know, you need to actually consume reels to understand the culture of no, we’ve talked about that before. Hence as you know, in this video, which was one of our recent ones, just talking about reels mistakes, and one of the mistakes that people make, they’re just not actually consuming it. So it’s really hard to re to tap into that culture and understand what people are doing.

How are you going to dominate a field? If you don’t even understand the landscape of it guys, it’s huge. You know, it’s the same thing for your business. You’ve got to do research. Yeah,

Yeah. A hundred percent. So first of all, you do need to start looking at real time, see what’s popular. See what’s popping, go to the explore page, poke around, like if said, go to the ad creators and see what they’re talking about. Now, one thing you can do that maybe a lot of people don’t know is you can save reels just like you can with any other type of posts. So you could find a whole bunch of different things that people seem to be doing, save them. And then you can use those as your inspiration in your collections, under the safe stuff. So when we’re talking about the trendy styles and formats, what do we mean? So obviously there’s things that we always kind of joke about here that pointing in dancing and things like that. There are different ones that people have been doing. Um, if that’s your thing, go for it. If it’s not, there’s a whole bunch of different, cool things. A lot of them had to do with editing, like in the fashion world, there’s those ones where people will walk in wearing one outfit, then they’ll say like,

And then do the smashing and they throw the clothes down, we’ll put it up here. And then they appear up in different styles and like they partnered with Brad. So that’s a sick one for influencers. If you’re a fashion influencer, there are so many those that categories killing it for me. I think it’s the best. I think fashion is like the festival. Yeah. So you can look at what’s working and then apply it to your own business. Oh, something I wanted to mention guys, sorry, this was 0.1. And then it just came back to me. Now, if your marketers on there, we were talking about theme accounts, remember that are larger marketing platforms as well are reposting content. So if you’re a social media manager out there trying to increase your reach, for example, hit at brands like later and Panola and things like that too, because that’s going to help you with your reach. I was thinking about the social media managers and the marketers and the consultants. They’re doing a lot of fun stuff with the style format. Yes.

What made me think of them? And then to tie it back into this, you can go to those big pages that you’ve you’re tagging. And the, the cool thing is that you’re tagging all of these pages for the theme accounts and you can see what their post status for the trends, which comes back to this point. So it kind of helps each other out. Yeah.

Yeah, exactly. So definitely, definitely this, I think is also coming with an algorithm thing, but these types of content are working well. There are certain types of styles and formats that work well, leverage that, you know, there’s always going to be a way that you can creatively apply it to yourself while also stay true to your business. The next way you can grow, which is something that you can implement immediately and really often gets missed is by adding a CTA to your caption or content piece, to tell people, to follow you, people need to know what to do. So give them that direction. You don’t want to take the risk of them liking your content, maybe just saving it and being like, oh, this is great. And moving on, tell them to follow you so they know what to do next. Yep. So when you’re posting carousels really carousels and real should be really key to your strategy. If you’re posting carousels, use that end cap at the end of your carousel and say, Hey, follow high season for more tips. And if you were in real S be sure in your reels contents to say, follow for more tips like this as well, or follow more. Yeah. Follow for more fashion tips, follow for more exploration, whatever you’re offering, let people know that they can get more of that from you by actually telling you

Yes and also share if you share it with somebody else, if you found it helpful and that it comes with a lot of tips. If you’re sharing tips, particularly like those carousel accounts that blew up before reels, you know, those are very shareable pieces of content. If you’ve put all this effort into making this carousel and making this real that’s educational, tell people to share it and they might be like, oh yeah, I know someone who could do with this. So they’ll follow you, share whatever it might be. Maybe you want them to save it. Maybe you want them to comment and answer a question, whatever that CTA is, ask for what you want. Maybe don’t give them six different need, like chefs come in, blah, blah, blah. Like, you know, maybe chill on that. But

Especially if it’s follow, is it, this is what we’re doing here, telling them to follow you.

Exactly. And then the sharing also contributes to growth because that’ll increase your engagement rate, which increases how much you’re fed to different accounts via the algorithm, via hashtags, et cetera, et cetera. So it all goes towards growth. And another way that you can grow your followers on Instagram this week is to schedule a 15 to 30 minute time block of before. And after you post to engage with the audience. Now the daily engagement routine, we’ve been talking about that for years. I’m going to put that one up here. I think that’s how big video is about our daily engagement routine. Super key. If you’re not doing that, please watch that video and see what we’re talking about. The idea of the engagement is that if you can drive traffic to your account both before and after you post, you’re going to increase the chances really of a higher engagement rate and therefore a follow.

So if you bring people beforehand, they’re not probably going to respond immediately. They’re going to need a little bit of time. So you sort of poking a whole bunch of people that then on the flip side, when you poke people often was poke, meaning like comment, anything like that, then they’re going to come and they get up. Both of those different groups of individuals are very likely going to come to your account. They’re going to see a fresh post posted that day, maybe 30 minutes ago, an hour ago. And they’re going to know that you are active. That’s one of the key things they want. You know, people are going to follow you. They’re going to want them know that you’re posting. So that is by far the best time to actually do that. Daily engagement is right before, right after you post cause you got a fresh post there, then they’ll very likely. If they see that they want to see what else you’ve been posting out of the very likely to follow them, because they do know that you have some sort of consistency in how much you post. So

I think I wanted to talk about that too is like the Instagram algorithm. Remember they’ve made it very clear that relationships are key. So when you’re engaging with certain pieces of content or engaging with certain accounts, you’re getting that relationship going, which lets them know, okay, when Tiffany posts, then we need to serve it to this person because this person’s interested. So you want to have this, oh, me and this cow are doing well, me and this encounter, do we want to have as many accounts as possible where Instagram believes your content should always be shared to them. So that way you drive up your engagement rate and increase your discoverability across the platform. So among your followers, but among new people as well. All right guys, well, that’s it for today. These are five new ways and new, not in the fact that they’re like new as they just got created today. But new in that five new strategies that you might not be using before that you can apply to your account. Yes,

We, and all the other videos in this series there, none of them are repeated. So we’re not using the same one. So if you actually watch all of those videos, like

20, 25 new ways to be more,

However many there are, but you definitely have a bunch of different ways and they’re all very unique and you can use all of those or at least pick and choose the ones that

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