How to get Instagram likes in 2022

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Despite the fact that they are one of the first metrics that indicate the performance of a post, Instagram likes still are the most important indicators for many profiles. People simply love when they post a new picture and see the likes rolling in. For many people, it’s satisfying when they get more followers, and they try to come up with new strategies to increase page engagement.

Even if getting more Instagram likes is difficult for a newly created profile, there are some methods that are really helpful.

Here are some of the best tips in 2022 to gain more likes on Instagram.

Share high-quality pictures and images 

You shouldn’t ignore the importance of posting high-quality photos. It’s likely you won’t get as many likes on Instagram if you post blurry, pixilated, or grainy photos. You can also edit your pictures using Instagram’s editing software. However, you should not over edit them.

Additionally, if you want to post graphics on your Instagram profile, do not use too many different fonts, and don’t leave room for white space. You won’t get as many like if you don’t do this.

You don’t need to be a photographer or graphic designer skills, but you need to put in a little effort to increase the number of likes on your Instagram posts. Improve the quality of your posts, even if that means getting a new camera or taking pictures in a room with better lighting.

Create engaging captions 

Writing the perfect captions is a little difficult because it depends on your audience’s preferences. You need to pair your high-quality photos with high-quality captions to get more likes from your posts on Instagram. Make your captions interesting and engaging, and offer value through them. For example, if your followers enjoy humor, don’t hesitate to sneak in a little joke into your caption. Also, ask questions to make your audience engage with your posts.

Try to provoke emotions by creating a caption that tells a story. Avoid using one-word and single-sentence captions. Your objective is to make your followers relate to your caption and photos to gain more likes on your posts.


This is an important step that you shouldn’t overthink. Simply put a line at the end of your captions. Write something like “If you agree, don’t forget to like this post” or “Click on the link in my description”. It’s important to be straightforward with your followers because they won’t be able to read your mind. Be precise if you want more likes on your Instagram posts.

Learn more about your audience

You’ve heard this before, but knowing your audience is essential so you can create content based on their preferences. If you learn what they’re interested in, what they like to do for fun, you will find it easier to attract them through your captions and photos.

Instagram is actually quite simple. Choose a niche and stick with it. Once you’ve started to attract an audience, you’ll be able to give them what they’re looking for and get more likes on your posts.

Add GEO-Locations to your posts 

It’s hard to believe, but adding GEO-locations to your Instagram posts will create a significant difference. Remember to always add a GEO-location when you create a post, because it’s much easier for people to find you.

You don’t necessarily have to add your current location. For example, you can add the locations where you took the photo or even a location of your choice. The most important thing is to consider what locations would your followers be most interested in so you can get more likes on Instagram.

Comment and like other posts daily

Liking and commenting on other’s people posts is another essential method that many people ignore for some reason. If you want to get more likes on your Instagram posts, you also have to give something back. People are more likely to give you back some likes if you show interest in their content.

Recently, Instagram released some information that shows that you are more likely to get likes and new followers if you engage more with other users. This happens because they will see you as a real human, and not just like another Instagram profile. Liking and commenting on other posts for about 15 minutes every day is enough to increase your engagement and Instagram likes in a short time.  

Use appropriate hashtags 

If you want to receive more likes on your Instagram posts, do not use random hashtags. Your engagement will go down if you use hashtags that don’t fit your posts. Also, the only engagement that you’ll get will be from people that don’t fit your niche.

It’s recommended to use at least 30 hashtags in a single post. It may sound like it’s too much, but it will make your posts reach a larger audience, and it will bring you more likes on Instagram. It’s also important to avoid popular hashtags because your content will get lost in a large ocean of posts.

Encourage your followers to tag a friend in your posts

You will get more likes on Instagram if your posts will reach as many people as possible. Increase the number of likes you receive by using a call-to-action method that encourages your followers to tag one or more friends in your latest posts. This will increase your engagement and add value to your audience.

Instagram stories 

More than 500 million people use Instagram stories daily to share posts and engage with their followers. You can use Instagram stories to live-stream your content, or to increase engagement and get more likes on your posts.

It’s such an easy method to gain more likes, yet so important. Share your latest posts using Instagram stories and encourage your followers to take a look at them. Make sure you include the actual post in your story. Use a swipe-up link, or an @ so your followers can effortlessly get to your Instagram feed.

Shoutout your favorite page 

If you’ve found a page or a profile that you like and want to get their attention, give it a shoutout in your post or Instagram story. Tag that page in your caption and photo. When someone is tagged in your content, they will receive a notification and they might share your profile. This will lead to more likes on your Instagram posts.

Use paid campaigns 

Paid advertising is another way to increase engagement and get more likes on Instagram. To advertise your posts, you just have to click on the “Promote” button and follow the instructions. Remember that this method costs money and it’s best if you use it to promote a product or if you want to drive people to your website.

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